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Aluminium Kitchen’s signature collection is our best seller and a timeless beauty, accentuated by a material palette of aluminium and glass. It is an all-time favourite for those who love state-of-the-art, low maintenance and sustainable kitchen with a subtle shine of class.

We produce high quality aluminium kitchen cabinets in Malaysia direct from our factory located in Selangor and Pahang. We serve clients in Selangor, KL and Pahang.

Our aluminium kitchen cabinets are anti termine, water proof, non formaldehyde and come with 2 year free maintenance. Our premium aluminium kitchen cabinet collections are Aluminium Kitchen 3G Classics, Aluminium Kitchen 4G Premium and Aluminium Kitchen 5G Premium+

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Anti Termite

Against the subterranean termites before and after construction


2 year free maintenance after register as a member.

Water Proof

Our products is water resistant and water proof

Non Formaldehyde

Don't have formaldehyde

Wide Variants

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